Republiq Halloween Ball 2012

This is what the Halloween Ball in Republiq was like last Wednesday. I've included about 90+ photos in this post so I've decided to skip labeling any of them to save time. Photos taken with Nikon. Enjoy! Follow me on twitter and Instagram via @sandroparedes.


This shoot of Leslie Sincioco was done for a heavy machineries company calendar for 2013. Will be posting the calendar just before the new year. Shot with Nikon at Edifice Studios. Hair and makeup by Peach Roderno. Styled by Ashley Cayuca.

Hillarie and Sel

Here are a few more photos from the Hillarie and Sel shoot a month back. Thanks again to the boys at Edge of Light Studios, Xander Angeles and Niko Villegas for everything! Makeup by Peach Roderno. Styled by Ashley Cayuca. Shot with a Nikon D800 and Phottix.

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