Mayumi Yokoyama

Summer is officially over here in the Philippines. El Nino finally is out and rainy days are ahead. Here's a set of Mayumi Yokoyama to bring back memories of just how hot the summer heat was. Shot with Ara Fernando (makeup) and Toni Santos (hair) of #TeamAra at the studio with my trusty Nikon.

Daiana Meneses

Brazilian model, actress and friend Daiana Meneses in this set shot in collaboration with creative director Raffy Tesoro. Dai did her own hair and makeup in the first set followed by another set with the "paint" (indicated below) shot with makeup artist Anju Dargani. Here's the other set I was talking about earlier that we... Continue Reading →

Bianca Mabanta

Restauranteur and friend Bianca Mabanta in this one I shot with makeup and hairstylist Jopie Sanchez. It's been a while since my last post so I'm going to be posting a bunch of personal work I've shots over the last two months or so. Enjoy!

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