Be The Boss Awards 2016

The new year brings about new possibilities for all of us! They say that every new year is a blank book and we get to fill up each of the 365 pages with our own story. My wish for everyone is good health, prosperity and that we may all take full advantage of the right... Continue Reading →

2013 PLDT MVP Bossing Awardees

Congratulations to the PLDT MVP Awards Bossings for 2013! There is so much to learn from all of them! Shot with Nikon. Grand Bossing Bernie Liu of Golden ABC (Penshoppe, Oxygen, ForMe, Memo, etc.) MVP Erik Cua of Kings of Tomorrow (Next Gen Bossing) Nino Caruncho of Mr. Quickie Mariano Manas Jr. of Hen Lin... Continue Reading →

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