Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper in this set shot with creative director Raffy Tesoro, model-slash-makeup-artist-for-the-day Kate Bautista, and for the super close up beauty shots, makeup was done by Xeng Zulueta.

Georgia Werminghoff

Brazilian model Georgia Werminghoff in the set shot with creative director Raffy Tesoro and model, now also a makeup artist of sort, Kate Bautista. Joining her in some shots is model, Mary Cooper. More of her in a separate post. That's Raffy in the background. LOL.

Christina Misko

So I've been shooting with Raffy Tesoro and Xeng Zulueta quite often lately. (Also including my partner at Penthouse Studio, Dix Perez) Here's a set we worked on before the end of 2013 with Christina Misko.

Kara Gozali

Model/Med-student Kara Gozali in this set shot for PMAP in collaboration with Raffy Tesoro and Jade Agbisit and Vanessa Agbayani.

A beauty collaboration

Here's another set from my first of now many collaborations with hair & makeup artists Xeng Zulueta and Cats Del Rosario, and creative director Raffy Tesoro. In these photos are Andrey Davedenko, Beatriz Carneiro and Kate Bautista. Andrey Beatriz Kate

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