THULE Subterra 34L Bag Review

I’ve always known THULE to be a rugged, no-nonsense move-your-things-and-keep-them-safe kind of brand. My first exposure to the brand was back in the day when one of our neighbours had a a THULE roof rack on their red Nissan Pathfinder. For the record, it’s been decades since that SUV model was sold in our shores. Yes, that piece of information definitely dates me, but I’m sure you get the picture: THULE, of Sweden has been around for quite a while, and that’s a good thing!

Over the years, we’ve seen even more of the brand not just on cars and SUVs but via THULE stores that have popped up in several of our malls showing us that they’ve got almost all the travel and gear protection bases covered, and covered well.

Their most recent travel bag collection is called the Subterra which I had the privilege to use (and abuse) for more than a week. While this newest collection has several awesome offerings, I got my hands on the 34L day/travel pack in particular.

Now just like anything, a camera, a car or SUV, bicycle or mobile device, there’s some sort of trade off somewhere here or there. A camera may have all the features you may or may not need, but it comes in a big package and a heavy price. The opposite can be said as well for the entry level variants. And so to give consumers the best of both worlds, brands have introduced compact mirrorless cameras that pack quite a punch! Car manufacturers also go through great means to give customers do-it-all products, thus the emergence of many iterations of crossovers. While they get the job done well, they still aren’t the best at cornering for example– sacrificing body roll or aerodynamics, nor can they perform like genuine off-roader. I think you get my point.

The THULE Subterra 34L backpack I must say, is a crossover day and travel pack of sorts. Does it make a good counter argument on crossovers? Does it hit the nail right on the head? Let’s find out.

To be fair, we’ve made this a family-affair double-review with my eldest daughter Sachi making her own video right here:

Want more? Read on.

Moving on let me show you how we managed a day trip to the Clark International Speedway with three of our kiddos in tow for the Vios Cup (a separate post on that coming soon) with just one bag.

We managed to pack all the things needed by three growing kids and myself for a day out of the city.

That includes an iPad and a powerbank with a conveniently padded storage system that keeps your device and charging cables, neat and safe.

Enough extra clothes, diapers and a few camera things can fit nicely into the removable packing cube. (The camera and lenses should give you an idea of the actual size.)

The removable pack keeps things organized even in challenging parenting situations. You guys know what I mean.

You have the option to grab your gear from the top-loading compartment…

Or the side zipper.

Nice and sleek.

And because we sometimes need to work on the go, the same can be done with a laptop up to 15-inches.

You can load it on top…

Or through the side zipper.

The pack fits really well thanks to the padded backside and adjustable straps. But if, for whatever reason such as a very hot summer day that makes you want to carry it differently, you actually can. This pack actually let’s you bring around a lot without being bulky or gigantic. The dimensions are perfect as a carry on bag on any flight too.

The bag had nothing to do with this. Just sharing our photo with one of our favorite female racers of the Vios Cup, Jasmine Curtis-Smith!

Here’s another photo that has absolutely nothing to do with the Subterra 34L. Just pointing out that it fits snuggly in the passenger seat beside an extra battery and a Nitrous tank of a Ferrari F430 racecar. (Thanks M.S!)

So overall, how do I grade this crossover pack? It does everything it has to do and does it exceptionally well. So in my book, just like the racing number of this F430, it gets a 10 (out of 10)!

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